WE will cry at your wedding...

But silently, of course (because we're filming).

We are Natalie and Ryan, and we are a wife and husband videography team. We film stories. Those stories are usually in the form of short or feature length films, music videos, etc., and Fancy Fox is our venture with a focus on love stories and weddings. We love celebrating two people who are choosing to make this epic jump into eternity together. What we love the most is seeing how unique each wedding can be. When couples add those personal touches, whether consciously or subconsciously, you have this beautiful party that is insanely special and can never be recreated. That uniqueness is what we hope to capture on your day. We like to find the little moments that come together so that you can not only reminisce on how freakin' awesome you looked, but also truly relive the day in flashes of memories. We are flies on the wall and we don’t travel with a bunch of bulky equipment so we can be as fluid as possible and get the best coverage. We are based in Los Angeles, but love to travel and have filmed weddings all over California the US!

Oh, and dance montages. We love editing dance montages.

We have been married since 2016, and had been together for over 8 years before that (so one might say we communicate almost telepathically on a wedding shoot like two velociraptors on the hunt…and yes, Jurassic Park is on our Top 10 Favorite Films list. If you’re curious about the rest of the list, just ask). We met in film school at University of North Carolina Wilmington, but currently reside in Los Angeles with our doggo, Samson (who looks like a bit like a fox and enjoys life's finer things, hence the name...Fancy Fox)!

We really hope to hear from you! Let’s party!